Content Writer & Strategist

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Legal Research and Writing


Some of the most brilliant people I know simply hate to write. Or they don't have the time. Writing can be hard, I get it, but that shouldn’t stop you from communicating with the world. When you need help saying what you need to say, I can put your voice into words that still sound like you. Whether it's coaching, research, or writing, let's work together to get your message across.

Web Content & Blogs

Whether you’re looking to add a new page or refresh an entire website, I write content that clearly communicates your brand. My approach is to think like a client, identify their pain points, and address them in a way that is direct and easy to understand. I also strongly believe in the power of blogs as a way to engage with an audience and evolve your content.

Articles & Libraries

A classically trained journalist, I'm an excellent writer, researcher, and interviewer. I’m also highly skilled as an editor, which allows me to approach a story from all angles and consider how it will read. I can take on pretty any subject. No, really! And I can strategize endless story ideas, particularly useful for those looking to build content libraries from the ground up.


I am a writer with more than 20 years of experience. I started my career as a scrappy beat reporter in San Francisco and became an editor at various newspapers and magazines. I jumped into content writing and now apply my journalism skills to subjects that include (but are certainly not limited to) mental healthcare, architecture, art and photography, home life, parenting, education, travel, and my own personal musings. I work best with people who know what they want to say but just lack the ability to put it into words. I am particularly drawn to stories I know the least about because it gives me a unique perspective. My writing style is streamlined, clear, and balanced. My tone is warm-hearted, positive, and tinged with humor.


Mill Valley, CA


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