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Writing & Editing
Brand Voice

There's nothing I can't write about: mental health, science, parenting, education, lifestyle, travel, legislation, social issues, and more.

Grounded in journalistic tradition., I use data, research, and interviews to affect change, inspire decisions, or simply tell a client’s story.


Media includes white papers, landing pages, newspapers, magazines, industry journals, blogs, social media, emails, market reports, and persuasive marketing content.

Every brand needs to unite behind a single voice. It's the only way to keep an audience truly engaged. 

Good communication requires buy-in from multiple stakeholders. I use my organizational skills to keep everyone aligned on goals to allow decisions to be made with confidence. 

I've written style guides, defined corporate goals, and shaped crisis strategies. It all starts with understanding what people need.

I help startups, businesses, and nonprofits develop and refine their brand identities. I then use content and messaging to give them voice.

Understanding a brand means first understanding its customers. My job is to advocate for them and identify their journey to you.

From there, we'll develop your brand persona to connect the dots. I provide messaging that is true to you and anticipates the needs of your customers.



Over the past 20 years, I've honed my craft as a writer and editor across a diverse range of topics and industries.


I cut my teeth as a scrappy beat reporter on the streets of San Francisco, quickly working my way up to editorial positions where I could shape narratives and bring stories to life. 


My insatiable curiosity has led me down many fascinating paths as a writer, from covering local politics to shaping marketing and communication strategies to helping small-business owners find their brand voice.

I've cultivated strong relationships and a reputation for telling compelling stories in a way that resonates with readers. While the work has been intensely rewarding, what drives me is a passion for the written word and its power to move and connect people. 


I'm also grateful that my experience allows me to mentor other writers. I'm always seeking new perspectives to deepen my understanding of the human experience.

Milly's musings

Milly is an exceptional editor, mentor, and leader. When we worked together at the SF Examiner, I found her to be an incredibly thoughtful and talented editor who always brought intelligent perspective to content. Milly guided me to making the editorial decisions necessary to best serve the interests of our readers and our community, rather than the interests of my ego and pride. This is a value she instilled in me that I hold dear today and have worked very hard to instill it in others. She's creative, funny, hard-working, and an all-around amazing human being who will never drop the ball.

Tiffany Apczynski, Zendesk



Mill Valley, CA


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