I am a writer who loves to tell stories, and I’m here to tell yours!


Hi, I’m Milly. I write content for websites, blogs, email newsletters and social media. I’ve even been known to create entire content libraries.


A former newspaper reporter and editor, I am an expert at content strategy, research and interviewing. I love nothing more than talking to people like you and uncovering their unique stories.


During our Discovery interview, I’ll ask a ton of questions to explore and clarify your message. Often, what we want to say and what our audience needs to hear are two different things. So, we’ll spend a lot of time learning about your audience and how best to reach them.


We’ll also discuss ways to strategize your content. Is it a series of blog posts? Weekly newsletter? Email drip? A new web page?


Then I’ll scurry back to my desk, mull things over and start writing. I use clear and concise language that’s mindful of the tone you wish to convey. And because I’m also an editor, my copy will always be error-free, tight and easy to read.


My ultimate goal? Crafting your story in your voice and hearing you exclaim, “That’s exactly what I wanted to say!”



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