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mental health articles

As senior communications manager for Mindpath Health, a national behavioral health care organization, I served as a trusted ghostwriter for the company's psychiatrists and therapists. With a 30-minute interview and a few studies, I researched and wrote comprehensive articles exploring neuroscience and psychology through a lens of social issues and current events.

Don't Speak

With the popularity of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag performances are quickly blending into mainstream culture. 


Research suggests cannabis may be the wonder drug families have been searching for. But is it safe and effective for children?

Senior Portrait

Senior citizens have earned the patience, wisdom, and experience that comes with growing old. Why does well-being increase with age?

Mother and Son

AAPI communities have the lowest mental help-seeking rate when compared with other ethnic groups. How has the pandemic affected this?

Army Soldiers

Memories of war can haunt veterans anywhere. How does trauma impact military troops, and what treatments can help them cope?

Stressed Man

Workplace data trends are like nothing else seen before the pandemic. What role did engagement play in employee wellbeing?

mental health marketing

As senior communications manager for Mindpath Health, a national behavioral health care organization, I researched emerging markets to develop content strategies to engage those audiences. This included regular website content, blog posts explaining complex procedures, and a white paper on the benefits of telehealth.


This landing page and FAQ served to educate patients about transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a treatment for depression. 

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

I wrote content for this landing page and FAQ to introduce a telehealth platform for patients needing immediate care.


This series of articles about TMS was designed to give patients more information about this effective — yet unusual — treatment.​

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

I collaborated with thought leaders, researchers, and other stakeholders to introduce a new platform for on-demand care.

athlete PROFILEs

As a content writer for Bellsant, a personal health advisor app, I identified endurance runners, triathletes, yogis, personal trainers, and other athletes and featured them in a series of profiles that explored how they prioritized their health and fitness. With just a 30-minute interview, I was able to gain their trust, learn their story, and convey it with confidence.

Alexis_Reed_Headshot (1).jpg

As a Division I volleyball player, Alexis benefitted from the structure imposed by her coaches. As an adult, she had to find her own discipline.

Diana Fitzpatrick (1).png

For Diana Fitzpatrick, running 100 miles is as much about the camaraderie she feels with others as it is the times when she struggles alone. 

Rebecca Bell.JPG

Rebecca credits yoga for her ability to train for a 100-mile mountain bike race at the age of 50. It also allowed her to gracefully accept defeat.


While many people struggle to make it through a workout class, Betina Gozo Schimonek has enthusiasm to spare when it comes to motivating others.


As Kati headed into 2020, she was looking forward to a packed race schedule. When the pandemic hit, she had to find a new set of goals.

Marilee MacMillan 1.JPG

For Marilee MacMillan, the secret to endurance is a series of choices. This is how she shows up for her biggest priority: her family.

Marshall 1a.png

Like most married couples, Tony and Christina had to learn to respect each other’s needs while also advocating for their own. 

Tim Lavelle 1.jpeg

Tim started doing triathlons before the sport even existed. Today, he's still competing and really enjoys passing people 30 years younger.

parenting, family articles

As a freelance writer and former associate editor of Bay Area Parent, a magazine for parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, I developed content strategy and wrote about a wide variety of parenting topics. As senior communications manager for Mindpath Health, I ghostwrote several articles about parenting and education.

Wine Toasting

While it takes careful planning, exploring Bay Area wine regions by bike is the perfect way to indulge the senses on a spirited path.


As youth emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, what challenges do they face, and how does resilience play a role?

Couple in Car

For many families, summer means packing up the car and hitting the road. What's the best way to prepare for spending hours in the car?

Video Game Controller

Stories abound about how video games have consumed youth and adults. But can it develop into a full-blown disorder?

Stressed Woman

More educators are walking away from the jobs they love,. Did the pandemic and other pressures push them past their breaking points?

nonprofit fundraising

As a content writer for Donorbox, a nonprofit fundraising platform, I researched and wrote SEO-friendly articles aimed at guiding organizations in effective practices. As communications chair for Tam High Foundation, a fundraising nonprofit, I wrote all website content and directed comprehensive communications strategies, brand voice, and messaging frameworks.


Curious about how to leverage AI for nonprofits? Chances are there’s a tool designed to save you time and money. Here’s how to beat the learning curve and get started.

Team Meeting

Bringing fresh eyes and diverse perspectives, the key is finding quality members who believe in your mission just as much as you do.

THF Brochure 2.png

I wrote content and guided the design for this four-page brochure sent to student families at the start of the school explain our mission and ask for donations.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Sometimes, you have to go big! Nonprofits generally welcome all levels of giving, but these tips are for anyone wanting to know how to raise large amounts of money fast.

Gold Ribbon

The holiday giving season has evolved into a highly successful fundraising opportunity. Here are some tools to boost year-end donations.

BP Circle.png

I designed the email template and wrote content for a monthly newsletter celebrating the work of the organization and sharing news and events.

Calculate Savings

Every nonprofit learns how to do more with less when it comes to fundraising. Here's how a little creativity and effort can go a long way in reaching your goals. 

TAMFOUND_LOGO_Primary Round Color_R2 (1).png

I directed and maintained the design of this website and wrote all of the content to educate  and engage potential donors and drive donations. 

arboriculture articles

As managing editor for ArborTIMES, a digital publication serving the tree care industry, I drove strategic direction and elevated content standards. Within two issues, I increased content by 40% and email open rates by 50%. I also wrote a variety of multi-source articles exploring industry trends, safety, business development, technology, equipment, and culture. 

Marketing image.png

Looking to attract new customers? From simple door hangers to Google algorithms, here’s how to set up an effective marketing strategy and when to ask for help. 

Brown Insect

After a busy season, it’s tempting for tree-care companies to take a break. But for those with their eye on pests, they know a new cycle of work is about to begin.  

Snow Removal Truck

For those looking for extra cash during winter months, firewood, mulch, and snow removal are just some of the ways to diversify income streams. 

Business Growth

After a 49-year career with Bartlett Tree Experts, Greg Daniels isn’t slowing down. Here’s how he’s laying the foundation for tree care’s bright future. 

Bathroom Tiles

When nature calls, many arborists discreetly duck behind a tree or climb into the back of the chipper truck. Which begs the question: isn’t there a better way?  


The wildfires that ravaged the island of Maui in Hawaii happened just a few short months ago. And I’ll be the first to admit that I quickly became desensitized.

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