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Note: Articles with clinician bylines were researched and ghostwritten by me.

NONPROFIT fundraising

TAMFOUND_LOGO_Primary Round Color_R2 (1).png

Wrote content and guided the design for this four-page brochure sent to student families at the start of the school year. Explained why donations were needed.

BP Circle.png

Designed and wrote content for a monthly newsletter encouraging families to donate, celebrating the work of the organization, and sharing news and events.

Gold Ribbon

The year-end giving season has evolved into a highly successful fundraising opportunity. Here are some tools to boost year-end donations.

mental health

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Wrote content for landing page and FAQs introducing a telehealth platform for patients needing on-demand psychiatric services and mental health care

Army Soldiers

Memories of war can haunt veterans anywhere. How does trauma impact military troops and what treatments can help them cope?

Stressed Man

Workplace data trends are like nothing else seen before the pandemic. What role did engagement play in employee wellbeing?


Created a landing page and FAQs educating patients about transcranial magnetic stimulation as a non-invasive treatment option for depression. 

Don't Speak

With the popularity of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag performances are quickly blending into mainstream culture. 


A slow trickle of research suggests cannabis may be the wonder drug families have been searching for. But is it safe and effective for children?

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Collaborated with thought leaders, researchers, and other stakeholders to create a white paper introducing a new telehealth platform for on-demand care.

Senior Portrait

Senior citizens have earned the patience, wisdom, and experience that comes with growing old. Why does well-being increase with age?

Reiki Therapy

AAPI communities have the lowest mental help-seeking rate when compared with other ethnic groups. How has the pandemic affected this?

parenting, education

Wine Toasting

While it takes careful planning, exploring Bay Area wine regions by bike is the perfect way to indulge the senses.


As youth emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, what challenges do they face, and how does resilience play a role?

Couple in Car

For many families, summer means packing up the car and hitting the road. What's the best way to prepare for spending hours in the car?

Video Game Controller

Stories abound about how video games have consumed youth and adults. But can it develop into a full-blown disorder?

Stressed Woman

More educators are walking away from the jobs they love, as COVID-19 and other pressures are pushing them to their breaking points.

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