Caravan in the Desert

Recently, my husband and I were discussing potential family travel plans for the year. As usual, we were heavy on ideas (France, anyone?) and light on finances.

Eventually, the topic of recreational vehicles – or RVs – came up, as did our mutual desire to introduce the kids to camping and to other states in this great nation of ours. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who’ve stumbled upon this idea.

"I would do it again in a minute," says San Ramon mother of two Melinna Gershik, who has twice traveled through Alaska with her family in an RV.

Ocean Rocks

Monterey is one of those wonderful reasons to live in the Bay Area. Hardly two hours away, it works as a day trip. But once you've arrived, there's plenty to entice you to stay awhile.

It's home to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, pristine golf courses and breathtaking natural resources. Plus, it's all set in a temperate climate that can remind even the most frazzled parent that it's time to stop and ...

California Bus

Getting off the beach while vacationing in San Diego can be hard, at least for me. By the time my husband and I have lugged the car seats off the airplane, or worse, let the poor dog out of the back of the car after a nine-hour drive, about the only thing we want to do for the rest of our stay is to sink our toes in the sand.

Recently, however, an unexpected two-month stay in San Diego left us itching to do more than slather on more sunscreen and fuss over the barbeque. Two weeks into our stay, our kids began peppering us with the dreaded question: "So, what are we going to do today?" 

Luxurious Tent

What better way to bond as a family than sleeping on the hard earth, snuggling up against each other in a cold dark tent, and then warming up a can of beans over a little fire for breakfast?

Camping with your kids is one of the classic family adventures. But in the event it doesn’t appeal to your urban sensibility, you can always go glamping – aka, glamorous camping, complete with down comforters, housekeeping, coffeemaker and yes, on-site masseurs.

Green Gulch.jpg

It's easy to miss the unassuming Green Gulch Farm Zen Center. Nestled in a valley off a particularly winding drive toward Muir Beach, it's probably best to keep your eyes locked on the road anyway.

But once you make the sharp left into the center, you've stumbled upon a hidden treasure of sorts, a serene farm and Buddhist community right in your backyard. Less then five miles from downtown Mill Valley, Green Gulch is open to the public, making it the perfect destination to enjoy a picnic, explore the gardens or contemplate one's spirituality.

Tennis Player

Anyone who's played tennis at the Boyle Park courts knows that the only good thing about the cracked courts, slippery surfaces and bad lighting is being able to play them to your advantage.

"If you hit a crack (with the ball), you win the point," joked Mill Valley resident Larry Smith, captain of a 5.0 tennis team at Boyle Park. "But you can also trip over that same crack."


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