Pushing a Stroller

I loved my first stroller. It was light, sturdy, and I could easily push my daughter along with one hand while sipping a cup of coffee or chatting on the phone with the other. When I became pregnant with my second, I was once again shopping for a new stroller. 

I had seen parents barreling down the street with their wide-load stroller. I had seen them struggling to make it through doorways. And, I was nervous I would have to give up my caffeine and iPhone addictions.

Luckily, manufacturers have answered the call of families seeking easy transport for multiple children with an impressive array of strollers. Here are our five top picks.

Bag of Groceries

My car is a complete embarrassment. It's not so bad if somebody sits in the front seat. At least that much is kept sacred. But I hyperventilate whenever anyone has to sit in the back seat: Goldfish, raisins, moldy grapes, a lingering banana smell. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Considering how much time is spent in the car and the number of different tasks it's used for, it's pretty obvious why a little love was needed in the family transportation department. Here are five things I learned along the way.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

I can’t think of anything more challenging than traveling by air with your family: you never have enough hands, other passengers avoid you like the plague, and nobody comments on how cute your kids are.
No matter how much I prepare, I always overlook something during the airport obstacle course (usually resulting in having to throw out a very expensive bottle of hair product.) But enough, already. Here are five things I’ve learned from traveling with kids under 5.

Gardening Tools

I used to love gardening: tilling the earth, twisting out weeds, reenacting scenes from Gone with the Wind.

Then the kids came. At first, I thought it would be a wonderful activity to share, but this dream quickly dissolved into a stressful multi-tasking nightmare.

Even the simple act of getting out into the yard proved difficult. I could never find anything, and was constantly racing to the garage to find a forgotten tool. The kids, while initially interested, quickly bored of ...

Toddler with Toys

During a playdate at a friend's house, I was shocked to see how much toys ruled the roost. In the dining room, a play table had usurped the real thing. In the living room, interlocking mats served as an area rug.

“It just felt wrong,” I told my husband later that night.

I certainly wasn't one to talk. Putting away toys in our house meant shoving them into grocery bags under the piano. I was desperate to keep toys organized and out of sight when I felt like playing a grown-up.

Here are five important tips I learned along the way.

Tidy Closet

Linens, towels, random toiletries, screwdrivers, unopened wedding presents. Sound familiar? Yes, it's that catchall bastion of chaos known as your linen closet.

“Everything ends up in there. It's so undefined,” says Nina Johnson, an Oakland-based professional organizer and owner of Simply Organized with Nina.

Johnson has seen her fair share of horrifying linen closets, and has happily passed on five tips to help you get the most out of these trusty family workhorses.


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