Eight years ago, Mill Valley mom Jennifer Gunter and her husband were struggling to get pregnant. When they conceived triplets after rounds of fertilization treatments, they were thrilled. 

But just 22 weeks into her pregnancy, the nightmare began. She unexpectedly went into labor and gave birth to her son, Aidan. He died almost immediately, and Gunter was placed on strict bed rest, lest her remaining two sons suffer the same fate.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

School nurses have come a long way. No longer do they simply administer ice packs and bandages. Now, they've become virtual case managers for students coming to school with a variety of chronic illnesses.

But while the demands on the average school nurse have increased, the state budget has not kept pace, and positions have evaporated as a result. Unlike most states, California schools are not legally required to have a nurse. 

Mean Girls.jpg

They ostracize you from social circles, spread false rumors behind your back and can cut you to the core with a subtle glance that speaks volumes.

You may think you're back in junior high, but you're not. The girls who were bullies in school have simply grown up. And now they're showing up in moms' groups, PTA functions and at work. Only this time, they should know better, and you can't run crying to your parents for help.

Film Clapboard

For children stuck in a hospital bed fighting any number of serious illnesses, BayKids provides a way to vent their frustration, loneliness and fear through the art of filmmaking.

By working with local Bay Area hospitals, the San Francisco-based BayKids involves children in every aspect of filmmaking, from writing storyboards to filming and editing, to eventually turning a young patient's thoughts and dreams into a vibrant visual story. In turn, these films help explain the experiences of these young people and become an inspiration to others.


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